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32 thoughts on “Christ, This Is One EPIC Selfie!

  1. Jerome

    Having been to the foot of this monument I am very impressed. I have no idea how you got security to let you get this far up! The video footage gave me vertigo.

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  11. Ja

    Yay! That’s a very memorable selfie ever! Good job for having a selfie with Christ! Hope we to have our own. Haha!

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  14. Daniela

    OMG that is awesome.
    I have one question, I really WANT to do the same… is it possible?
    Thanks for the answer!

    1. The Flash Pack Team Post author

      Hi Daniela

      I don’t think so I’m afraid. It took months to persuade the Church and authorities to let us do it.

  15. Rafael F Passarelli

    Wau! Really impressive to see this pictures. I can’t imagine the feeling you had at that moment and especially being in the Redeemer Statue. Congratulations!! Rafael Passarelli from Guatemala

  16. liesman

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